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Resurrection Ertugrul – Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi

Resurrection Ertugrul Dirilis Ertugrul (transl. Resurrection: Ertuğrul), is a Turkish historical fiction[1] and adventure television series created by Mehmet Bozdağ for TRT, starring Engin Altan Düzyatan within the titular role. The show is about the 13th century and centers around the lifetime of Ertuğrul, the daddy of Osman I (the founding father of the Ottoman Empire). it had been filmed in Riva, a village within the Beykoz district of Istanbul, Turkey, and premiered on TRT 1 in Turkey on 10 December 2014.

Resurrection Ertugrul Season 1
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Süleyman Şah, Bey of the Kayı sends his son, Ertuğrul, to invite land from the Emir of Aleppo. this is often made almost impossible when the Kayı are put during a series of problems with the Templars after saving Şehzade Numan, Halime Sultan, and Şehzade Yiğit due to the traitor within the Emir’s palace, Nasir, who works for the Templars but is later killed by Ertuğrul and therefore the truth is shown to the Emir. a drag also arises with Kurdoğlu Bey, Süleyman Şah’s adoptive brother, who seeks his brother’s Beylik with the assistance of Selcan Hatun, Ertuğrul’s sister-in-law, who wants revenge from Süleyman Şah as he killed her treacherous father, Alptekin Bey. Ertuğrul, who loves Halime, marries her after much difficulty. Selcan’s husband, Gündoğdu becomes jealous of his brother Ertuğrul as he’s respected because the tribe hero but gradually calms down. Towards the top of the season, Kurdoğlu is beheaded, Ertuğrul successfully defeats the Templars and captures their castle, and Selcan repents. this is often followed by Süleyman Şah’s death and therefore the tribe’s migration to Erzurum as a part of Süleyman Şah’s will before he died.

Resurrection Ertugrul Season 2
Main article: Dirilis Ertugrul (season 2)
The Kayı settled in Erzurum, seek refuge with the Dodurga after the Mongols, led by Baycu Noyan, massacre half their tribe. This results in Ertuğrul facing Tuğtekin, his cousin, who is jealous of him alongside Gündoğdu again who is misled by the large threat within the Dodurga; Aytolun and her brother Gümüştekin. Aytolun married Tuğtekin’s father, Korkut Bey, in order that she could help Gümüştekin become the margrave of all the Turkmen tribes with the assistance of Emir Sadettin after killing Korkut. Only Selcan is conscious of this threat and constantly attempts to warn Gündoğdu, who ignores her for her misdeeds within the past. alongside these schemes, Kocabaş, Tuğtekin’s alp who works for Baycu Noyan, turns Tuğtekin against Ertuğrul making their relationship worse but is later killed by Ertuğrul, and his relations with Tuğtekin gradually improves. Aytolun and Gümüştekin are killed after their treachery is caught when Selcan’s words are listened to and Korkut is killed. Noyan is supposedly killed by Ertuğrul after the death of Tuğtekin and therefore the tribe is split between 1000 migrating to Ahlat with Gündoğdu and 400 migrating to Western Anatolia with Ertuğrul.

Resurrection Ertugrul Season 3
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The poor Kayı newcomers face the Ural of the rich Çavdar trade-veterans. Although the Ural is not the Bey of his tribe, he seeks more and more power, becoming jealous of the Kayı whenever something good happens to the tiny tribe. Meanwhile, the Templars who have infiltrated Hanlı Pazar, led by Hancı Simon, seek to kill Ertuğrul as he did to the Templars years back. Ertuğrul defeats Hancı Simon and conquers Hanlı Pazar, leaving the Ural more jealous than ever. When the Ural is accused of killing the Tekfur of Karacahisar, Andros, and causing problems for the Kayı, Ural is sentenced to death, however, he’s saved by the devious Emir Sadettin. After the death of Candar, the Çavdar Bey, and Ural’s father, Ural seeks help from the new Tekfur of Karacahisar, Vasilius, who wants to rid the Turks of the land, but is killed by Ertuğrul in an effort to become the Bey of the Çavdar. When Vasilius attempts to ambush the Selçuk Sultan, he fails and is killed by Ertuğrul. due to this, the Sultan makes Ertuğrul the Uç Bey angering Emir Sadettin, who vows to finish Ertuğrul. At the top of the season, Ertuğrul falls into an ambush set by the new Tekfur of Karacahisar, Ares.

Resurrection Ertugrul Season 4
See also: Dirilis Ertugrul (season 4)
It is believed that Ertuğrul is dead despite the reality being that he’s actually captured by some slave traders. Meanwhile, Emir Sadettin convinces Dündar, Ertuğrul’s brother and therefore the new Kayı Bey, into selling Hanlı Pazar and moving back to Gündoğdu’s tribe but is stopped upon Ertuğrul’s return and is forthwith banished. After Ertuğrul’s son, Gündüz, is kidnapped, Ertuğrul declares war against Karacahisar and is successful in conquering it. Following Ares’ capture, Ertuğrul takes him to the Sultan and tells him to confess to the Sultan about Sadettin Köpek’s misdeeds. The plan nearly works but Köpek is saved by the Sultan’s wife, Mahperi, and results in an occasion turning Ares, later killed by Noyan, into a Muslim. Soon then, the Sultan is poisoned to death and Köpek’s increase in power within the palace creates problems for the new Sultan, Gıyaseddin. Gıyaseddin allies with Ertuğrul and with the assistance of Hüsamettin Karaca, Köpek is beheaded. After this, Ertuğrul faces the return of Noyan but is successful in defeating him and his devious sister, Alangoya, who attempted to kill Ertuğrul’s son, Osman, who was born on an equivalent day as his mother’s death. Noyan prepares for a battle, historically referred to as the Battle of Köse Dağ and therefore the Kayı move to Söğüt.

Resurrection Ertugrul Season 5
See also: Dirilis Ertugrul (season 5)
After 10 years in Söğüt, during a Mongol-controlled Selçuk state, Ertuğrul faces many Mongol commanders including Alıncak and Subutai, along side the Selçuk assassin working with the Mongols, Beybolat. Beybolat is disguised with the name, Albastı, and he arrives following the death of his father, Umur Bey, Bey of the Umuroğlu tribe, who was sent to become the new tax collecter of Söğüt. Umur Bey was killed by the disgraced Byzantine commander, Dragos, disguised because the Söğüt Zangoç (transl. bellringer), who seeks to require over the town. Beybolat, who becomes his father’s successor, and Dragos, who takes control over Lefke Castle after killing the innocent Tekfur Yannis, cause many problems for Ertuğrul including Beybolat’s control over Söğüt for a short time. İlbilge, Beybolat’s sister, is that the only person in her family supporting justice, together with her help, Ertuğrul, defeats and kills both Beybolat and Dragos. Following Beybolat’s death, Ertuğrul faces Arikbuka, a feared Mongol spy, and Alıncak’s brother, alongside the spy, Qiyat, who works for Hulagu against Berke, Ertuğrul’s ally and therefore the Han of the Golden Horde. The season ends with the death of Arikbuka and Qiyat alongside Ertuğrul’s marriage to İlbilge Hatun.

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